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TexTown Group

One of the prominent RMG manufacturers and exporters of Bangladesh.

TexTown Group, the leading RMG producer and exporter in Bangladesh. We specialize in fully export-focused, vertically integrated Knit and Woven Garment manufacturer. From humble beginnings in 1991, our operations, production, clientele, and exports have flourished. Collaborating with top clothing manufacturers, we take pride in our recipe for success – exceptional quality, unmatched service, and unwavering speed.

Today, TexTown is proud to have the experience of:

Working with world’s renowned fashion brands.
Superior product quality.
Strong commitment to our customers.
Ontime delivery.


Right The First Time, Safety Every Time


7,000+ Skilled

3 Million Pcs of Knit and Woven Per Month

10 Backward Linkages

Our global footprint with client portfolio spanning across 10 countries in Australia, Europe, and Asia.

TexTown Journey

Our mission is to ensure sustainable growth and customer satisfaction by Delivering highest quality of products
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