TexTown Group working with a strong motivation and efficiency.

With the inspiration of our tradition of weaving fabrics, Textown established its garments division in 1991.

With a structured set-up Textown is very focused in their production process by monitoring every minor detail. Starting from sampling to cutting and from stitching to finishing and meeting time-line is done dedicatedly by the team of Textown.

Textown Group started production in 1991 with only 35 sewing machines. We had a conviction that through efficiency, optimum production, and uncompromising quality we would maintain the upward trend of development and that proved to be true to date. Initially our company name was Ornate Knit Garment Industries Limited. And afterwards in 2004 we established knit composite unit name is Tex Town Limited. Since then it has been doing business with good reputation with worldwide branded fashion house.

Key Strengths

Established in 1991
1400 sets
1400 sets of machines
2141 persons
2141 persons of workers
65,000 pieces
Production capacity of 65,000 pieces/day (average)

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